Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Your Favourite Things in Design

Who says Scandinavian design is boring? Favourite Things is a pendant lamp that gives you the possibility to exhibit your treasures. It works as an ordinary lamp too, but it can be used as a miniature vitrine with a light inside as well.

The Favourite Things lamp is made of transparent glass and shaped like a bowl. The bowl has an aperture in the side for placing your objects in it. After turning the lights on these objects are under the spotlight, giving them a look familiar from exhibition displays.

Favorite Things is designed by the Stockholm-based designer Chen Karlsson. The designer claims that the inspiration for the design came while visiting the Natural Sciences Museum in Stockholm. There he saw a polar bear spotlighted inside a glass cabinet and emphasized the accentuated light source that exposed the white creature dramatically. Chen Karlsson liked the effect and wanted to bring it to his household designing.

Favourite Things is a great example of new Scandinavian design. Still traditionally pure and minimalistic, it is also creative, leaving the space for the owner to choose the ways to present his design object. The designer didn’t want to place the replica of the polar bear he saw inside the cabin, but instead the lamp owners can choose what to put inside the lamp. What would you place under the spotlight of Favorite Things?

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